Catloc design, develop and distribute market leading innovations to address the theft of catalytic converters, particulate filters and exhaust systems.

To cover the most at risk vehicles, many of our solutions are developed in partnership with and trusted by the vehicle manufacturer, who recognise and offer Catloc to their customers, as the best line of defence against theft.

We have developed the largest range of bespoke solutions available, many of which have been officially approved  by the vehicle's manufacturer.

The advantages of our innovative bespoke systems include:

  • Ease and accuracy of installation
  • Maximum protection, taking into consideration each vehicles specific threat
  • Prevention of in-service issues
  • Tested to maintain vehicle characteristics and performance

All systems are manufactured using marine grade stainless steel for strength and durability, and supplied with high security anti-tamper fixings and the Catloc ISR® system as standard.

The CATLOC® ISR® system is a Police Approved, Thatcham Accredited catalytic converter marking and registration system. This etches a unique code into the CAT which is recorded onto  the ISR®. This means the CAT can be traced back to a vehicle and convictions secured if found in the possession of a thief, dramatically reducing the desirability of a stolen CAT.

All systems have been designed for ease of installation and are supplied with all of the required fixings and fully illustrated instructions. Installation typically takes between 15-45 minutes.

The CATLOC® brand and products are protected by Copyright, Registered Trademark, EU OHIM Registered Designs and Patents.

In Partnership with
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Renault
  • Ford
  • VW
  • Halfords Autocentres
  • FORS
  • CAT1004 Fitted
  • CAT1007 Fitted
  • CAT1006 Fitted
  • CAT1018
  • CAT1017