International Security Register (ISR®)

All Catloc systems are supplied with the ISR®, Police Approved and Thatcham Accredited catalytic converter marking and registration system (Catloc ISR Kit).

The ISR®:

  • Currently holds data on over 13 million vehicles, 30 million security codes and over 1 million other valuable assets.
  • Works with Police Forces and Security Services, including the provision of crime statistics and data analysis.
  • Provides a quick and simple means of detecting cloning, or vehicle identity theft, which cannot be cracked by criminals.
  • Provide Witness Statements to assist police in bringing successful prosecutions.
  • All ISR staff are vetted to British Standard BS7858 which includes Disclosure and Barring Service checks.
  • Holds the highest accreditations for secure databases.
  • Accredited by ACPO CPI Secured by Design as supplying products and services that meet "Police Preferred Specifications".
  • Provides full audit trail of all enquiries.
  • Checks all enquiries against a national stolen vehicle file.
  • Additional security and asset management services can be tailored to customer requirements worldwide.

Calls to the ISR® will be answered at any time of day or night by highly trained operators who will verify details of registered items, ownership, status (reported stolen or lost*) quickly and efficiently under strict security protocols.

Anyone can access the ISR® contact line - police, security services, insurance companies, public and private sector authorities/organisations and of course the general public. However, our operators will only confirm whether the information supplied to them corresponds to the details held on the ISR®.

The strictly controlled systems and protocols that are maintained have been carefully developed over many years and the fact that the ISR® holds data on behalf of 13 vehicle manufacturers reflects the reputation they have for recording, maintaining and handling sensitive data securely.

In Partnership with
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Renault
  • Ford
  • VW
  • Halfords Autocentres
  • FORS
  • CAT1004 Fitted
  • CAT1007 Fitted
  • CAT1006 Fitted
  • CAT1018
  • CAT1017