I am a fleet operator and interested in understanding how Catloc solutions may assist us in protecting our fleet of vehicles and why we should choose Catloc.

Catloc are an ISO9001 accredited company and Europe's leading provider of catalytic converter theft protection. We are the solution of choice for fleets and supply products to protect approximately 40,000 vehicles per year.
It is estimated that the average loss to a fleet is £6000 per theft. This takes into account:-

  • the actual loss (including the cost of replacement parts and labour),
  • hire charges for the period the vehicle is off the road
  • loss of revenue for the day(s) that the company cannot operate - waiting for replacement vehicles etc.

However, further costs can occur with insurance excesses or increased premiums following a claim.

Specialist built, such as supermarket home delivery or utility vehicles can accrue additional losses as it can be difficult to hire a suitable replacement in the event of a theft. Storing vehicles in compounds can also often increase the threat of theft, as it allows a thief to concentrate their efforts on a small area where multiple vehicles are often kept.

By working closely with Vehicle manufacturers we innovate simple, effective solutions that can be purchased without the concern of in-service issues and recharges for standard service work. We understand that all solutions must be cost effective in order to be a justifiable purchase to fleet, but also offer the protection required to ensure the very best chance of mitigating such a loss. We have the largest range of  bespoke solutions currently available.

The Catloc partner network includes vehicle leasing, fleet support, main dealers, body builders, vehicle converters, enhancement centres, national tyre/exhaust chains and various motor factors. This diverse network affords us effective coverage ensuring local supply and support where necessary.

To obtain a better understanding of the solutions we offer, along with an idea of the reduced fleet pricing, please complete the short form and a member of our fleet sales team will be in touch.

Alternatively please call us on +44 (0)8455 193902.
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