I am a member of the general public/small business owner, interested in protecting my vehicles catalytic converter. I would like some advice and to understand more about Catloc.

Catloc are Europe's leading provider of catalytic converter theft protection, supplying products to protect approximately 40,000 vehicles per year.
We innovate simple and effective solutions that work to mitigate the chances of catalytic converter, particulate filter and exhaust system theft.
In addition to purchasing theft protection, the following advice to reduce the chances of theft, should be considered:

  • Park, when possible, in well-lit and busy areas
  • Garage the vehicle(s) when possible
  • Improve security around the vehicle by adding additional lighting and/or cctv
  • Avoid parking up curbs or anywhere, where the vehicles body may become raised, thus allowing easier access under the vehicle

All Catloc solutions are supplied as standard with the police approved and utilised catalytic converter marking and registration system. This etches a unique code onto the vehicles catalytic converter allowing it to be traced back to the host vehicle. The code is securely held on the ISR® (International Security Register).

Our solutions are available through our network of resellers, including many Main Dealerships, national tyre & exhaust chains, motor factors and various independent retailers. A simple internet search should locate a local Dealer to you, however if you would like us to assist you in any way, please complete the enquiry box.

*By entering your vehicle's registration or chassis number, we can utilise our internal system to confirm the correct emissions system your vehicle operates, ensuring we advise on the correct solution.
A member of our sales team will review the information and respond shortly.
Alternatively please call us on +44(0)8455 193902.
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